Downtown Delray Art and Jazz Night

Come out to Downtown Delray and enjoy live jazz music, drinks, food, arts and crafts! Denise Moody-Tackly and Laura Atria will have hand made, artistic dresses/ dress sculptures and other art. 7pm to 11pm

See you there!


2 responses to “Downtown Delray Art and Jazz Night

  1. Enjoy! One of these days I hope to join you.

  2. Laura – you are an amazing creative goddess. I LOVE the skate board I bought, and I wish I got 2 more. Is it possible that you could ship to me, if I pay for packing and shipping, I wonder how much that would cost, to ship the cheapest way to SF, CA. The board fit in my suitcase, with all our other stuff. You are SO talented. Your dress, your bracelet, your penny pinching dress, your everything. I’m so happy to display your art in our home. All the best, let me know if you have any more, and photos of the ones you had for $25. Namaste you little creative genius, Marcia – delray street fair

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